January 16, 2011

Mom's Photobooks

If there is one thing I couldn't forget with my mother ... it is her hobby of creating photobooks. She has a collection of it in our ancestral home. Photobooks of each of us from infant until we were married and had families of our own, photobooks of her sisters, her travels, her life as a teacher , wedding of relatives and a lot more. If only mom is still alive, she would be my partner in blogging. I miss my mom... I wish you were still with me.. I miss her so much.


David Funk said...

Hi Grace!

Photobooks always bring back memories and stories from the past. I can tell how much your mom meant to you even in this short paragraph of a post.

Have a great week my friend!

Laurencita said...

yes, I still remember she gave her own Beam's wedding album when she found out that Beam's own album were turned into ashes when they building they rented were on fire... But sad to say, that wedding album was lost when the experienced flood 2 years ago.

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