January 5, 2011

GT : Health Resolution

They say New Year's Resolution are made to be broken... but I say not for me this 2011 :

As I am making this post, the whole church is mourning over the death of our pastor's wife. Her battle with the big C is finally over . It is genetic and it was diagnosed when it was already in stage 4.

Anyway, because of her demise, I am now taking seriously my new year's health resolution as follows :

1. Sleep as early as 9:30 pm with a minimum of Ten hours a day.. ( no matter how tempting it is to finish the assignments .... no more IPL.. let it expire, anyway it's just $ 1-3..Lol)
2. Exercise 3x per week ( Taebo, biking or jogging)
3. Only Fish and Vegetables at home , occasional meat and poultry when going out for functions
4. Drink 10 glasses a day
5. No more coffee .. just water or juice for breakfast and lunch and Tea in the evening

Got lots of health resolutions listed in my notebook. Above are just the major...major.. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!


hahpiness said...

were those recommended by your pastor's wife doctor?

thanks for sharing.

here's mind, http://hahpiness.blogspot.com/2011/01/gt-health-is-wealth.html#comments

Miranda said...

My father in-law also recently passed away due to the big C, and it really was also an eye-opener for us to be more careful about what we eat and do. Simple things like drinking water, getting enough rest and eating enough fruits and veggies can turn out to have big effects.
Have fun pursuing good health! Be blessed in mind and body. :)

Me: http://miratemplen.blogspot.com/2011/01/girls-talk-planning-for-better-health.html

Vernz said...

naku adik ako ng kape.. sige.. ako na din... paano..lol..
Girls Talk here

kha said...

fish and vegies aw!.. so healthy pero ako di ko kaya un..I wish soon matuto din ako kumain ng vegies.. Happy GT

simply kim said...

agree! a toast to good health!

K said...

it's great that you have made resolves for your health this year because of what you witnessed, although I feel really sad for your pastor's family. i hope you can stick with your resolutions for a healthier you this 2011 :)

following you now ;)

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