December 25, 2010



Singapore for only P1?

I was late... I better be lucky next promo offer

December 22, 2010

GT : Fun at Ocean Park

The fish spa at the Manila Ocean Park will surely tickle your innermost being..Lol!
Nakakahiya e-post yong pictures na tawa ng tawa kami...

December 19, 2010

Yellow Christmas Card

Spent hours of making Christmas Cards for my kids project...


Yummy Sunday

Goldilocks Fresh Lumpia. Thanks to BPI's freebies

December 17, 2010

Scenic Sunday

Online Advertising with WebVisible

Inspired by the movie that stars Julia Roberts, I made this blog with the same title and just add the word blog. Because of my hectic schedule in the office and in the family, I have a hard time maintaining this site. A friend suggested to engage the services of WebVisible to gain visibility and popularity on the web. I browsed the site today and found it the right avenue. It is a Software as a Service company and a worldwide leader in local online advertising. I want to give it a try.

Airphil Express Friday Deals

Wow! What a great airline promo!

Week-end Reflections

That's me taking a photo of myself! Lol!

Wishing for a Log Cabin Vacation

The cold wind of December made me lazy to go out for parties . Today I got two invitations from an old friends but the rain outside compelled me to stay home. I was just healed from colds and I do not want to trigger it again. In times like these, I am wishing to be on a Hoseasons log cabin vacation and be warmed by the fire place. This is one accommodation I have not tried be on the mountains and commune with nature.

December 15, 2010

Balikbayan Box

"A 150 kg. package?" I was kind of shocked as well as excited when my hubby told me that the package from my sister-in-law in California arrived. It can not fit the trunk of our car that he was able to hire a public utility jeep to take it to my mom-in-laws house. You couldn't wait for another day to we opened it yesterday after my mom arrived from her work. Whew! Thank God for the shoes, apparels, beauty products, nuts, chocolates, juice and other stuffs. I'll the picture later since I was not able to bring my camera last night. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! God bless you Genelie for being so gracious to us. Our Christmas would truly be merry!

December 10, 2010

Yummy Sunday

The foods at Bright Rock School Party. My hubby was invited to give the message during the joint elementary and high school students,parents and teacher's party.

December 9, 2010

Skywatch Friday

At Plantation Bay, Cebu City

December 8, 2010

Amazing Boat Holiday

Above pictures were taken during our boat holiday in Boracay Island last July. Boracay is the top tourist destination in the Philippines . It's white crystal beach is captivating while its water outdoor fun are exhilarating . We went helmet diving, snorkeling , para sailing and Island hopping. When you talk about foods and entertainment ... Boracay is the place. Wish we could be back and unwind again next year!

December 7, 2010

Your perfect destination this Christmas Season

Are you with-in United Kingdom and is looking for a perfect holiday this Christmas? Then Hoseason is for you. They have been providing fantastic UK family holidays for more than half a century making them the leading UK Holiday company. Get the best value for your money by booking a Hoseasons self catering holiday cottages.What more? For only 50 pounds you can already book a holiday for 2011.

Shoot me # 1

The year is ending and I hope my first entry is not yet too late!

Online Shopping for Christmas

As much as we wanted to avoid Christmas rush... we can not do so because of some rush purchases also. Last year, I did my Christmas shopping on the first week of December hoping to avoid the crowd at the mall but I had last minute cooking tasks and I was forced to line-up the grocery counter .

Last Sunday when we had our regular weekly grocery , I spent almost an hour to finished marketing since the mall was too crowded. We bought Christmas gifts for my kids school party and it took us one hour before our number were called for the free gift wrapping. How I wish we have local online stores here in our city.It would be a great convenience for the consumers. In the US and other developed countries, shopping are mostly done online. You can order just anything through the web from food , apparels, furniture, gadgets ... you can order online wine cases for your parties and gathering!

Christmas is just two weeks away, so why not do your shopping today? Or better yet order everything you need for Christmas at the click of your mouse. Avoid Christmas rush and Enjoy your day!

Christmas! Christmas ! Christmas!

The Spirit of Christmas is every where. The lights at the streets are lighted-up , the malls are already crowded with people buying gifts and the children started to sing Christmas carols ! Tonight we will go shopping for our kids clothes and gifts for their Christmas Party. My hubby is busy preparing for our church Christmas Party. He's out now looking for acme lighting equipment for our variety presentation on the eve of December 26. Are you ready for Christmas ?

Watery and Wordless Wednesday

December 6, 2010

RT : Body Painting


Lol! I found the TV network Survey amusing . Why? Because each TV station claims that they are the No. 1 in terms of viewing ratings. GMA, ABS-CBN and TV are Are declaring themselves as winner. I guess each network have their own survey agency to publish their network leads. in my own opinion the best way to judge who is the real winner is by the awards each TV program receives – Awards that are given by prestigious award giving body here and abroad. What do you think? If you are the judge? What network do you think is the no. 1 ?

Struggling with Winter Season

"What? Negative 18?".... this was my reaction when my friend in London told me about their weather in UK. They wanted to escape from the freezing snow blizzard in London and fly here in the Philippines but his application for vacation was not approved. They are only allowed to take vacation once a month and he already consumed it when he went home last summer. He said that the streets of manchester apartments where he leaves were almost buried with snow which compelled him to just to walk to and fro the train station when going to work. I wonder who would they spent Christmas in the midst of this kind of weather.

House Improvement

Whew! To undertake house renovation is costly nowadays! I received the statement of account from the supplier of my construction materials and I was shocked to see that for a simple house improvement I was already spend P 40,000.00 for materials alone. Now, I am thinking to forgo the replacement of our window glass jalousie with sliding powder-coated window since we do not have budget anymore. I rather use Cheap venetian blinds than spend another P 20,000.00 for the windows.

December 3, 2010

Week-end Reflection and Shadow Sunday

Goodbye Samsung Genoa

" I really do not know how it was lost!", this is what my son told me when I asked how his cellphone was lost. He said it was maybe stolen from his pocket while riding a public jeepney or was stolen but a classmate. The last time he remembered was he was checking the time through his cellphone because he forgot to use his wrist watch. TsK! Tsk! Tsk! That was my birthday gift to him last may. I guess, I have to but another one for him .. and I am considering a China Phone this time. What do you think?
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