February 27, 2011

My Australia Visa Application

I am sad because a friend's immigration application for Canada was denied. She spent a lot of money already for the processing fee and other requirements and yet her application was denied . This is what I am afraid of. I once applied for a Visa for Australia . I already passed the online skills assessment and reached up to level 4 of the processing. When its time to pay for the $1000 processing fee, I backed -out since I am already doubtful If I can really get the VISA. I have heard lots of frustration already regarding this and I do not want to be one of them.

February 26, 2011

Carpentry and Masonry

My hubby love to frequent the the "Do-it-yourself" store in one of the biggest mall in the city. He loves to collect tools and do some repairs in the house. He loves to visit tutorial sites on carpentry and masonry. One site he visited that caught his attention is the Carpenter & Joiner called Dominic Charles Davis . It the Joiners Southampton.

Whey Protein Bread

I love my mom-in-law for being so healthy conscious.Lately she gave me a Whey Protein enriched bread freshly baked from her favorite baker here in our city. What I love about this baker is that they are using whole wheat flour and do no use butter for all their products. Thanks Mommy for this healthy bread!

Six Words Saturday


February 24, 2011

Elvies Presley

This morning was the foundation day of Liceo de Cagayan University. As always, I was the official photographer of my son's class. Above is one photo I snapped from one of the pre-school students ( with the parent's consent) . I enjoyed looking at his cute face wearing Elvies Presley attire with ray ban sunglasses . Isn't he cute?

Cluttered Files

Ahhh.. I guess storage leeds for my office.My files are already crowding my steel and wooden cabinets. I need to take old files to the store box and just retain files from 2009 up to present. We do not have budget for purchase of new steel cabinet... this is the best way to organize my already cluttered files.

The Baby is now a Lady!

My little girl requested for a photobook since the one I made when she was still a baby was damaged by our puppy. So last night we started to gather again her photos and arranged them by event and by year. We were laughing remembering those precious moments like her first walk, firth bath and first haircut. Time flies so swiftly, my little girl is now a lady. Thank you Lord!

Shoot Me

February 21, 2011

Looking for Upholstery Shop

Calling CDO Bloggers. Any recommendation for upholstery shop here in CDO? Our office leather furniture needed to be upholstered. I went to the newly opened home depot here but the price are too high for a heavy duty sofa. Gaisano Mall's display were Class B, not suitable for office use. Thanks for your recommendation.

February 20, 2011

Formula 1 Experience

Me and my son are car aficionado. We love collecting car magazines and watching video on car racing. We wish to experience the thrill of the most exciting sporting events in the world with exclusive Formula 1 packages in the internet. We wish to watch race like the Monaco Grand Prix and the British Grand Prix. I doubt if my wife would agree with us spending another budget for our hobby.

February 17, 2011

Pink Friday # 1

This was last Valentines day..actually the baloons are pink but the due to the
lights it came out red.

Decorated Box

I love turning simple Boxes into a precious collection. Today I bought 2 reams of bond papers and I begged the sales clerk to put it in a box. Glad that she gave me two boxes instead. I am planning to make one of them my memorabilia box for cards and gift tags . Hope I can finish it before month end.

Thursday Memes

International Airport in Misamis Oriental

I greatly thank God for our Valentine's Day out-of-town trip. We enjoyed our one hour ride specially the time when we dropped by the on-going construction of International Airport in Laguindingan, Mis. Or. I thought it was just meters away from the National Highway but it a 4 kilometer drive passing the Ribby Hall Village in the area.

We asked some villagers of the price with-in the area and we were shocked to know that prices ranges from P 5,000 - P 8,000 per sq.m. Wow! That's the price of a well developed subdivision or a commercial space in the city. I just wonder who the lucky person owns those lots along the road. They really are so fortunate!

February 12, 2011

Pocket Money

Even though how tempting the airline promo for Asia destination last week , I didn't give -in to it since we do not have the budget as of the moment. We need enough Holiday Money or what we call here "Pocket Money" when going for an Asian Tour like the accommodation, Theme Parks entrances, meals and shopping. We need around One Hundred Thousand if we will go for a family vacation and we do not have that budget right now. We just wait for the right time, anyway Singapore Universal Studios and Hongkong Disneyland can wait.

February 9, 2011

Shoot me and Picture Perfect

Unwinding by the Beach!

Picture Perfect

New Carpet or New Puppy?

I really love to put carpet at the middle of our living room. Actually I already compared Carpet prices from our local home furnishing depot. My plan really is out of timing since a friend offered to give one of their puppies to us. The kids are very excited already to get it! What shall I do? The puppy will surely be a liability to our carpet?

Conference is finally over!

We were so busy these days thus I was not able to update my post. Thank God our mind bogging 3-day conference finally ended.Whew! Thanks for the strength making all those reports, LCD Presentation and taking of notes. Now, I am ready to encode those 20 pages of notes for the minutes of meeting. I hope I can finish it before Valentines Day!

Watery and Wordless Wednesday

February 6, 2011

Yummy Sunday

Blue Monday

Photo Exhibit at SM Cebu City

Breakfast Prayer

We had our first breakfast meeting at the church last Saturday. It was very refreshing to congregate together as a church to pray, worship and hear exhortation early in the morning. As we went to our Church, we saw countless of people on the road jogging, biking and doing their daily early morning routine. It's a different feeling intentionally waking up early to commune with God.

February 5, 2011

Yummy Sunday : Sapin2x

One of the native delicacies this morning's PRAYER BREAKFAST!

Six Words Saturday 1

EAT..PRAY...BLOG... My 1st entry..

February 1, 2011

WW : Swimming Pool

Danger of Plastic Toys

I watched the early news today and was alarmed by the news that most of the plastic toys sold nowadays contained toxic materials. They warned the public to check the toys before purchasing if it has the CE ISO mark. Remember those Barbie Dolls recalled by the manufacturer 3 years ago? Indeed plastic toys are toxic so they also suggested to give wooden toys to children 1 -4 ages to be safe.

Ruby Tuesday : Purse

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