December 22, 2010

GT : Fun at Ocean Park

The fish spa at the Manila Ocean Park will surely tickle your innermost being..Lol!
Nakakahiya e-post yong pictures na tawa ng tawa kami...


Vernz said...

ay di pa kami nagawi rito .... looks fun indeed.

Girls Talk here

Anonymous said...

my favorite there is the tunnel area. ang galing! :) Merry Christmas!

The Joyful Crafter said...

I've been to Singapore Ocean Park but not the one in Manila :( I will surely try the fish spa once we get to visit Manila Ocean Park. ☺

Here's mine:

Happy New Year!

K said...

it looks fun! although i'd rather stay at the sides and just watch other people. my foot is very ticklish and i don't think i can stand that. i'd be screaming all the while. LOL.

William Winston said...

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