October 28, 2010

We just simply love our Kids

Being married for 16 years now has its rewards. In spite of the many obstacle, struggles and problems of parenting, we would like to be honest that we really enjoyed it. Raising two bouncy kids at home is really like getting into an life changing adventure that’s getting more and more exciting as you continue to be in it. Just seeing our kids growing, learning and applying the things we taught them are simple gifts of encouragement for us to be good examples for them and continue to be an inspiration as they face realities in life. It’s not easy, yes, but it can be made light the burden if what’s in your heart for your kids is love.

What’s more exciting is that as you teach your kids about life, amazingly, they too teach you more about it! They teach us about using our imagination more often. As we get older, we begin to be so busy and forget to dream dreams. Remember, without a vision or life’s dream, you begin to die. Children teach us to imitate. We may think that they are stubborn and not listening to us, but children really do watch our actions and emulate them. And how about trust? Our lives become complex as we grow older. Yet to the children, they don’t need to worry about anything since they have their parents to worry about it. How about us? Can we trust God to provide us with things we need? Those are just some of the things we learn from our kids. Having them in our life really changes it forever. We just simply love them for it.


Judy said...

Visitng here! :)

exlinks ta ani nga blog! (Bogie)

gemini said...

hhehehehe.....fathering and mothering is not at all that easy. keep on!

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